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so the simplicity of this painting is really to give you a sense of calm…which I do not have much of…I used to meditate a significant amount…went to week long retreats and just sat…listening (mostly to my thoughts…) and it was not until I just gave up because it was so darn frustrating did I get any relief at all…I just begged God to tell me what to do…what was my purpose…how can I help…I went on a vision quest…sat by myself in the desert just drinking water and praying for a ‘vision’…seven days (well, only 4 of them was I fasting…) but a COMMITMENT for sure…I had many visions…but when I came home I was still just SuejFazio–mother of six children—wife to the great golf course architect Tom Fazio—and a wild working woman—always busy…too busy to save the world..or myself…well, I only say this all to give you an idea of my ‘journey’..well, now I paint…and don’t meditate at all and I am so peaceful and calm and I think quite helpful to adding to the joy of the world..and this painting just sorta nails that feeling!

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Posted by suefazio on May 4, 2011

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