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so this is our Albert…in encaustic…only 12″x12″…I LOVE WAX!!!and albert

I snapped this photo a while ago at Myrtle Beach when I was at the Springmaid Watercolor workshop..just dug it out for inspiration….she is on a gallery wrapped canvas 36″x36″ in acrylic…I captured the solitude I felt she was expressing in her pose

Wow! this was a lot of fun! I title her..EVER FORWARD…and she is another acrylic huge 4’x7’…this painting is a she…I recently took a workshop from a fabulous teacher/artist Anne Templeton…she said look at your paintings—do you tend to use curves or hard edges/organic or geometric…obviously this was painted in my ‘feminine’ mode

so I was thinking about Flights (the great restaurant in Hendersonville) and how to merge the bird image with the wine/food concept..and what you can see in this photo is the wine in the glass…what I am always cognizant of is that your painting must tell its own story without explanation

so what shall I call this relationship…this is also 30″x40″ in acrylic. I have a difficult time naming’s like naming’ve got to wait til they’re on the ground and look into their eyes…”what do you want to be called for this period you will be walking on the earth little one?” these two are not looking me in the eyes so it is more difficult

so this is a bit more detail of Matilda

second in series

so this is my new series…I begin with a ‘series’ because then I can keep focused..she is 30″x40″ in acrylic..actually the colors in person are much more…sublime…I am using glazing..layers upon layers..