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I have visualized a whole wall of these. Each using the same palette. Theme


Second in that small series.

Each are 8″x10″. I find that working extremes back to back keeps me moving energetically anxious to capture the next idea


Working on a smaller scale

These are the beginning of a new series I’m doing. Very loose. Acrylic


2nd of this diptych also 4’x7′

I know when I’ve created something truly original …I wake up so early and have to go visit my creation to see if its as good as it was when I put it to sleep last night. It IS!


New 4’x7′ acrylic

This one is so exciting for me. Lots of brushstrokes capturing the energy


All together exciting for me but I’m not finished


Under the sea 111. Part of triptych. 12’x7′


Under the sea 11


4’x7′ painting. Under the sea


my new gallery opening in tequesta

I opened my new gallery In Tequesta Florida on January 1, 2013 @ 150 Hwy 1.  It is located north of the new location of Evo’s (the best Italian restaurant in Florida).  I had a grand opening with Joe Pratt on February 8 and over 150 people came to sample cheese, wine and view our art.  Joe does beautiful bronze sculptures.  We had a lot of fun!