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Our love…Maggie…always watching me paint…

Albert is watching me all the time I am painting..

This is done to express ‘out with the rascals!’

very bright colors…playing with shadows

did you lay that??


These paintings are all acrylic…I am working hard to gain spontaneity to describe the landscapre…all are on 16×20 canvases

This painting is on a 20″x40″ acrylic painting done for my dear friends in Louisville Dan and Beth…they wanted something that was rolling and light and buttery with mostly warm colors and a shock of orange….this photo is not quite as vibrant as the REAL thing…hope they like it!

I did this painting also as a choice for my Philadelphia friends…also in acrylic on a 30″x40″ canvas…My intent was to paint flowers that expressed the passion and joy that surrounds creative people…the reference photo for this painting was from a trip to Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada—55 acreas of stunning flower show…I took my children there over 15 years ago in a camper…even children ‘got’ the magnificience of the place.

What a fun painting this was to do for my Philadelphia friends. She was done in acrylics on a 30″x40″ canvas…a double lily…lilies have many symbolic meanings..mostly friendship and devotion…it is the May birth flower as well as the 30th wedding anniversary flower…so I was thinking of more than matching a sofa…I was thinking of the celebration of life and love and friendship.

triptyck in acrylic each 30″x60″ fun

Fall in Paradise

This photo does not really do the painting justice…meaning the reds are very different from each other..that is what I was going with and in person..well…it is much more vibrant…red is my favorite color to paint adds such passion but I usually dont bring out the red til the end because I can get carried away so this one I just flat-out started with the red…also in acrylic 4’x7′.

Silver Fox gallery represents my work in downtown Hendersonville on Main Street…this is another of the series 4’x7’…in acrylic…if you notice three circles “appear” in each of this series I think it must be the spiritual Father/Son/Holy Mother that seeks expression..I LOVE this and loved doing it…my process is that I paint these canvases two at a time propped against the garage doors. I do two at a time to let the paint dry while I work on the next one…this allows me to add layers which I now am getting pretty efficient at with the Golden GAC 100 as well as the gloss gel..this has added a whole new dimension to the paints and I just am having so much fun….