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Now this is the third in that series of entries…problem is I was taking this photo outside on an easel and a burst of wind blew it off the easel and slammed it down…it got impaled by two large screws on the bottom of the easel! so this painting—-all 36″x36″ of it on a $75 cradelled board with goodness knows how much wax and at least 30 hours of work—is destroyed by the breath of GOD it seems…not meant to be. Tom came out and couldn’t believe the damage and saw that I was upset…His response was that Steve Wynn put an elbow through a $100 million painting by Picasso…that put it in perspective. How precious is the process to me or is it the results that matter? Something to ponder for sure in connection to the whole life. went to a funeral today…was it the end of the life that had people reflecting on the process of her life or was it the body in the casket covered with flowers…well, this paintings has met the end of it’s ‘life’…guess the diptyck is now a onesy

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Posted by suefazio on February 13, 2011

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