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30×40 OIL

IMG_2904so obviously I spend a lot of time in intrigues me…the moment to moment LIFE that emerges from…well, life…be it rocks or water or trees…every moment speaks unto itself30x40  OIL

oh yes! I am always about moving water…this is a spiritual expression of what is..IS..the point of our lives…or maybe I have had one too many glasses of wine…or maybe not…

30’x40′ oil

IMG_282830'x40' oil

My Peace….piece of the pie

Feel the calm

IMG_2837Feel the calm

this is a 30×40 oil as was the last…It akes forever to release the calmness of my soul


IMG_28424’x5′ acrylic  who’s your mama?ALL DAY LONG

I love that I can create my interpre ta tion of what my surroundings bring to my eyes…my heart

this is 30’x 40″ oil

IMG_2844IMG_2826IMG_2831IMG_2831IMG_2832IMG_2833IMG_2832IMG_2834IMG_2835IMG_2836IMG_2839IMG_2837IMG_2840IMG_2841IMG_2843IMG_2843IMG_2842IMG_2845IMG_2850always in nautue  so these are all oils 30X40’these oils are for my great friends at the VINE YARDS at Lake Keowee…what a profound and magical place!!!  we are lucky…

so grapes into wine…i love that! so I paint that..the beginning

IMG_2829thank you  oil  30″x40″  see the movement…wite wine…red wine?  who/what are you

how fun! scratch art…8’x10′

IMG_2875scrathboard…so very stroke at a time…and then….woila…something that others can relate to..but really..dont you thin that life is just one stroke at a time…scraping into darkness…

Still in Italy!!!

IMG_2866 IMG_2851 IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2855 IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860 IMG_2861 IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2865

same day…Banfi Vineyards!


another Tuscany painting

another Tuscany painting