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Now we are talking…this is a 12″x16″ and is truly so exciting…texture and bumps and lumps…threw in the color just to keep you looking…but you’d have to touch this one..yup…just gotta do it…and that is the beauty of WANTS to be touched…to be experienced for what it is..what it brings to the table…a lot like some people…and some people like to be looked at under glass…I was thinking how proud I was at my 60th birthday party and all the things people said about me on the video that Onae put together…no one said that they loved me because I was perfect…because I did everything ‘right’…that I was pretty or smart or skinny…or because of my hair…thank goodness the things I think about a lot do not take over my life/my relationships…thank goodness that is not the legacy I have created…maybe these paintings are…

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Posted by suefazio on January 25, 2011

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