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I did this painting also as a choice for my Philadelphia friends…also in acrylic on a 30″x40″ canvas…My intent was to paint flowers that expressed the passion and joy that surrounds creative people…the reference photo for this painting was from a trip to Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada—55 acreas of stunning flower show…I took my children there over 15 years ago in a camper…even children ‘got’ the magnificience of the place.
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Posted by suefazio on November 17, 2010
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  1. 11/20/2010

    Is this for Neetsie? Fabulous!

  2. 11/21/2010

    yes fabulous! Love it.

  3. 11/21/2010

    Sue, would this go on the left wall? Over the couch? Is it too small? It is a wonderful work…even on the internet the colors and the light are beautiful. This is from Neetsie


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