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What a fun painting this was to do for my Philadelphia friends. She was done in acrylics on a 30″x40″ canvas…a double lily…lilies have many symbolic meanings..mostly friendship and devotion…it is the May birth flower as well as the 30th wedding anniversary flower…so I was thinking of more than matching a sofa…I was thinking of the celebration of life and love and friendship.

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Posted by suefazio on November 17, 2010
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  1. 11/20/2010

    Another fabulous choice,Sue! Let Neetsie know she's on her own. I can't help her with this decision. It's too hard!

  2. 11/21/2010

    sue, this is just wonderful. Would it go onleft side of window across from the other painting I have of yours? Also, the painting over my sofa is 40 x52…


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