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We just got back from Vegas with the all six kids—WOW! Tom creates a charity golf tournament every two years and invites his friends and so far they have raised over $4million and it all goes to children charities. I am so in awe of Tom’s continued commitment to making the lives better for children…so this is what I do…and all the proceeds of my paintings go to the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County. Last year my efforts produced $60,000 revenue—this year–not so good…but I am still painting like a fool and am so excited about these abstract BEINGS…like it is really them painting themselves while I hold on to the brush..this is also 4’x7’…I just put 18 paintings at our favorite restaurant FLIGHTS in downtown Hendersonville…one a huge six panel 15’x5′ abstract with a floral feeling (I”M telling you they paint themselves once I get out of the way…)all the paintings at Flights are for sale…

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Posted by suefazio on November 13, 2010

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